5.Major Change in Character

LeperĀ enters the war with an open mind and a love for nature. He even dedicated a whole day to search for a beavers dam. Leper is a nature lover and he just wants to enjoy all of the beauty and simplicity that this world has to offer before it’s too late. Unfortunately, the thing that draws him into the war, his passion for skiing, caries him straight into a trap. Leper wasn’t prepared for what was ahead of him. He was a mere child in a man’s over sized and ill-fitting army jacket. During war, Leper hears and sees things that he’s not used to; his imagination runs wild and drives him to run away from the war altogether. After he has escaped, it is crystal clear to see he’s changed into a psycho to say the least. He’s completely opposite of what he was before. The old Leper has left the building, and the new Leper is hiding in the bushes in front of the building. Leper is very insecure about his position in life now, but when he is wanted for information he stands up for himself and doesn’t give it away so cheaply like he would have done before. Leper now understands that he holds some sort of power, one that he never knew existed. Nowadays, Leper see’s things concrete and to the point. There’s no point in slowing down and smelling the roses. I personally think that Leper is not a psycho, and he’s only in this state of mind because so many other people said he was, so he started believing it himself. The real Lepper is in there some where. I imagine around his eyes are wrinkles caused by uncertain pain and a tiredness of life. However, deep in his eyes is a child wanting to live and be adventurous again. Someone desperately wanting to be amazed by life’s wonder’s again. Leper has matured, none the less, into what is fit for an adult life, but he still seeks a sense of peace and happiness and wonder that he can’t seem to find in himself or life anymore.

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  1. Nour: I enjoyed reading this post. I think you have some good thoughts here about Leper not really being crazy–just being what people wanted him to be.

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